Fairlane Diner

I was on a long road trip and was on I-55 in Illinois and saw a road sign for Fairlane Diner. Since I had been traveling on RT 66 from Nevada to Illinois and had stopped several times at other roadside diners I had to stop here.

Fairlane Diner is located at 300 Crossing Drive, Sherman, Illinois 62684.

It has only been open for about a month but the place was hopping! The drive-thru was non-stop and the counter was busy all the time. The vibe is of a 50′s style diner with car signs and parts, Coke sings and other 50′s memorabilia decorating the interior. Very cool and follows the tradition of RT 66 diners.

They have a good menu selection, burgers, dogs, chicken, shakes, etc.

I had a single burger with cheese (I should have added the bacon too, oh well), fries, and a chocolate shake.

The burger had a great seasoned taste. I talked to the owners and they said the burgers are fresh beef, never frozen, and the patties are hand made. The bun was nice and fresh. The fries we good, but nothing special. Maybe some seasoning on the fries? The shake was delicious, with whipped cream and a cherry on top :)

The service was a little slow, but it was worth the wait. I attribute it too still being new, and I did show up during the lunch time rush. It was worth the wait and I wish the the best in the future as they grow.
If you are ever cruising on I-55 and want a good, inexpensive, meal with something for everyone in the family, I would recommend stopping at the Fairlane Diner.

On a scale of 1 – 5 burgers with 5 being the best, I give them 4 1/2.


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